5 Things I’m Looking Forward to at CTIA: Super Mobility Week

By Randal Erman

Every year, there are a few trade shows where techies come together to be taken aback, blown away and utterly floored by the latest and greatest gadgets and innovations. CTIA’s Super Mobility Week is one of those elite trade shows that never disappoints, and this year, I’m going to be there with the ecoATM team. I’m excited to network and show off our kiosk at Booth #5749, but there are also a few other things I’m looking forward to:

1. My first stop at CTIA will be visiting Cobra Electronics and finding out more about their Cobra JumPack. This nifty little device fits in your pocket and jumpstarts your car - USEFUL! If you ever find yourself stranded with a dead battery, the $129.95 that this little device costs will look like peanuts.

2. Next on my list is the AT&T booth to look at the next generation Audi A3 that will include 4G LTE. Consider the possibilities for this 2015 automobile:

  • Real-time map updates
  • Endless radio stations
  • In-car mobile communication 

3. After I get my automobile fix in place, I can begin to focus on my house needs. Specifically, all the home automation technology that is going to be on display at CTIA this year. After last year when Nest was acquired by Google for two gazillion-billion dollars, I expect everyone and their mother to have some form of sleek tool to make my home more responsive to me. Piper is one of those companies and I recommend looking into them. 

4. I am really looking forward to checking out the Scoshe Rhythm, a pulse and heart rate monitor that will allow me to really see how hard I work on the soccer field.

5. Smartwatches will also likely be on of the stars of the show – from Samsung Gear, LG, Moto and more.

The only other place I know I want to see is ecoATM technology live in action - don’t forget to come visit Booth #5749!

For more on our trip to CTIA in Las Vegas, visit ecoATM.com.

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By Alison Clancy

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Just about a year ago, Apple released its newest operating system, iOS 7, on September 18, 2013. To put it simply, our beloved green machines turned red (well, not really, but that would be kind of cool). The kiosks were suddenly having trouble analyzing iOS 7 devices, and this same frustrated reaction was felt across the recycling and buyback industries.

The confusion was short-lived; with the help of our engineering team, and a little assistance from you, these challenges can be avoided. If the device you’d like to recycle is running iOS 7, follow these simple steps BEFORE you visit to get the best experience at ecoATM:

  • Turn off the Find My iPhone feature while connected to a wireless network.
  • Once you’re at the kiosk, you will be offered a cord to plug into your device. This should trigger a screen to display on your phone that will ask you to “Trust This Computer.” That computer is ecoATM, so go ahead and select “Trust.”

That’s it! Happy customers, happy machines. Don’t forget to check back here once iOS 8 is announced to prepare yourself on best practices for recycling devices running that software.

For more on iOS 7, visit Apple.com

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ecoATM Debunks the Latest iPhone 6 Rumors 

As we look to the trends this year, we all know the iPhone 6 has an active following. Some of the iPhone 6 rumors going around seem plausible, but some seem downright outrageous.  Will it be lighter, thinner, bigger or a Phablet?

Take a look at our fun iPhone 6 Rumors video starring some of our favorite ecoATM team members and let us know what you’ve been hearing about the new phone. 

Don’t forget to sell back your old iPhones, iPads and other devices no matter the condition at an ecoATM near you!

The iPhone 6 is Coming – Why You Should Trade-In Your Old Phones Now

By Alison Clancy

Step 1: Grab a sharpie. Color is completely up to you, though we’re partial to green.

Step 2: Stand in front of your motivational cat calendar. You know you have at least one.  

Step 3: Draw a big circle around September 9. Let the countdown begin!

Apple event invites were sent out early Thursday morning to select media, displaying the September 9 date and saying only this: “Wish we could say more.”

Hopefully Apple will be saying a lot more when it comes to the iPhone 6, along with iOS 8 and a rumored wearable device allegedly called the iWatch.

As most of you know, brand spankin’ new Apple smartphones don’t come cheap, and the best time to recycle your old phones for cash would be before the latest and greatest device is announced. ecoATM determines pricing based on:

  • Model
  • Condition
  • Current market price

When a new phone hits the market, the market price goes down for all other devices. We hope you’ll be a part of what we lovingly refer to as our “Green Team,” our community of recyclers who love getting green for being green. Resell and recycle at ecoATM now to add some money to your iPhone 6 fund!

Current Prices at ecoATM:

  • Up to $260 for iPhone 5S
  • Up to $300 for iPad Air
  • Up to $140 for iPhone 5C
  • Up to $160 for iPhone 5
  • Up to $90 for iPhone 4S
  • Even Up to $200 for broken iPhones!

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