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6 Gadgets That Will Make This Your Best Summer Ever

By Randal Erman

You will have to excuse me for being a little bit scatterbrained this time of the year. It is summer after all, and summer means movement, activities and fun times (perhaps only Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh would disagree). The ecoATM marketing team recently started tracking our summer activities with our Fitbit gadgets and we’ve been having a good ol’ competition the see who can get out and be the most active. It got me thinking about technology as it relates to summer and how technology has improved this already sweet season. Here’s my round-up of cool tech for a hot summer:

  1. Bluetooth Speakers/iOS Boom Boxes. Nothing says summer like being at the beach and playing your favorite tunes with the latest and greatest speaker system. However, your music library may be stored on your mobile device, so finding speakers that connect wirelessly is key. If you are looking for something wireless AND waterproof, check out the ecoXBT which can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. I prefer this one because it is waterproof and it has “eco” in its name, naturally.
  2. Zip Buds. Maybe these aren’t technology per se, but file it under “Cool Products.” I use these things all the time while I’m out running and getting my step count up on my Fitbit.  
  3. The Celestrong NexStar SE. Summer months tend to bring clear skies, so why not look deep into space and appreciate the wonders of the universe with this monster of a telescope? Telescopes in general have improved by leaps and bounds over the last 15 years, but the latest SkyAlign technology clearly delivers on bringing the night sky to any amateur astronomer.
  4. Kindle. No one in San Diego can go to a beach without seeing someone reading on a Kindle or Kindle Fire. The ability to read on the screen in bright daylight is the key value add for this device.
  5. Solar Power Packs and Energy Chargers. Remember when you went camping and didn’t have a way to power or charge anything? Well those days have been over for some time, and with solar power becoming more efficient and affordable, I present to you Solar Power Packs. Kids no longer have to worry about being bored while out camping because they can plug their Nintendo DS straight into the charger, go fishing, watch the stars and then beat a Koopa Brother to save the princess before going to bed. 
  6. GoPro. Who knew strapping a camera to your head and answering the question, “I wonder what happens if I do this?” could be so much fun! GoPro and its ability to record and share video has helped motivate countless people to go outside and do things they never would have (and sometimes probably shouldn’t have). GoPro allows people to bike down a cliff without breaking a bone and gives them evidence when someone calls their bluff afterwards.

If you see some cool new tech while out and about that has altered your summer, let me know!

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Recycling Pic of the Day!
Gift bags made from old cereal boxes. Wrap in paper and voila!
photo courtesy:


Recycling Pic of the Day!

Gift bags made from old cereal boxes. Wrap in paper and voila!

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Morning boot up


Morning boot up


Landline phones are becoming a thing of the past in America.


In 20 years, we went from this:


to this:


This is today:


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Name: Josie Markee

Title: Associate Product Manager

Stuff you do inside the ecoATM office:

I was recently promoted into a product management role, which includes working with various departments to create functional specs that improve their tools, as well as seeing these projects through development and implementation. Previously, I was working in logistics and primarily in charge of the coordination of deploying new ecoATM kiosks.

Stuff you do outside the ecoATM office:

I have quite the travel bug, so any time off I can get is spent outside the US. I’ve been to all 50 states and about 40 different countries. I also love snowboarding, soccer and really anything outdoors.

Did you ever own a phone that you’d be embarrassed to carry around now?

I used to love my bright red LG Chocolate. I thought it was the coolest phone ever.

If you could pick one robot from pop culture history to hang out with, which one would you pick?

Definitely one of the transformers. Preferably one that could fly and take me somewhere. My husband would say the terminator in a heartbeat though!

Other than recycling your gadgets, what else do you do to help the environment?

I make sure to recycle at home. I also attend ecoATM volunteering events, including beach cleanups. 


What’s your favorite thing about living in San Diego?

That we have the best of both worlds. We are right on the ocean, but only a few hours away from the mountains. So many activities!

Whats the one piece of tech that you couldn’t live without?

My iPhone - it’s permanently attached to me.

Go-to karaoke song?

Yikes…I can’t sing to save my life, so I try to avoid any and all karaoke.

Favorite pizza topping.



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It Takes Two To (Project) Tango

By Randal Erman

Project Tango isn’t some new sports drink flavor or even the latest hit series on Bravo, although mark the tape on that idea. So what is it? Project Tango is another world-altering technology in the works from Google.

The concept is easy: Google wants to make every mobile device perceive itself within physical reality. Am I getting some blank stares? Basically, Google wants your phone to understand that it is three feet above the ground, that there is a wall 10 feet away, and that there is an object that looks like a lamp to the right. Google wants your phone to have vision and an understanding of the world around it. 

Opportunities to integrate Project Tango technology are boundless, and really border on science fiction, like robots that can move extremely well inside cluttered spaces or game applications like hide and seek with virtual characters. Speaking of science fiction: It was just recently announced that Google will be sending Project Tango smartphones to space as soon as this week. 

The really cool part of this technology is that it is not that far away, as LG announced at Google IO 2014 that in 2015 they would be bringing this technology to market. There is also a developers program with Google already in existence. Heck, we at ecoATM have even postulated if this could someday replace our super cool computer vision system which we utilize to correctly identify phones. Imagine if instead of using cameras and images to analyze phones, ecoATM built a 3D model of the phone with raised buttons. If we take it a step further, try to imagine being able to model phone damage like cracks in the screen or depressed edges due to drops.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the video on the Project Tango page and tell us what you think in the comments.

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