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ecoATM Debunks the Latest iPhone 6 Rumors 

As we look to the trends this year, we all know the iPhone 6 has an active following. Some of the iPhone 6 rumors going around seem plausible, but some seem downright outrageous.  Will it be lighter, thinner, bigger or a Phablet?

Take a look at our fun iPhone 6 Rumors video starring some of our favorite ecoATM team members and let us know what you’ve been hearing about the new phone. 

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The iPhone 6 is Coming – Why You Should Trade-In Your Old Phones Now

By Alison Clancy

Step 1: Grab a sharpie. Color is completely up to you, though we’re partial to green.

Step 2: Stand in front of your motivational cat calendar. You know you have at least one.  

Step 3: Draw a big circle around September 9. Let the countdown begin!

Apple event invites were sent out early Thursday morning to select media, displaying the September 9 date and saying only this: “Wish we could say more.”

Hopefully Apple will be saying a lot more when it comes to the iPhone 6, along with iOS 8 and a rumored wearable device allegedly called the iWatch.

As most of you know, brand spankin’ new Apple smartphones don’t come cheap, and the best time to recycle your old phones for cash would be before the latest and greatest device is announced. ecoATM determines pricing based on:

  • Model
  • Condition
  • Current market price

When a new phone hits the market, the market price goes down for all other devices. We hope you’ll be a part of what we lovingly refer to as our “Green Team,” our community of recyclers who love getting green for being green. Resell and recycle at ecoATM now to add some money to your iPhone 6 fund!

Current Prices at ecoATM:

  • Up to $260 for iPhone 5S
  • Up to $300 for iPad Air
  • Up to $140 for iPhone 5C
  • Up to $160 for iPhone 5
  • Up to $90 for iPhone 4S
  • Even Up to $200 for broken iPhones!

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If You’re a Consumer, the Unlocking Cell Phones Bill is Excellent

by Randal Erman

Welcome to the brave new world of unlocked phones, America!  

On July 25th, the House of Representatives unanimously passed the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act. Bill S. 517 was signed into law by President Obama on Friday, August 1, 2014.

This is a big win for consumers as it allows people to take their paid for cell phone from one carrier to another. This helps competition and reduces the cost barrier of switching carriers, as people no longer have to purchase a phone to work on that new carrier’s network. Of course, the cell phone has to support that new carrier’s network (GSM, CDMA, LTE for those technically savvy readers), but it eliminates the need to buy a new phone whenever they want to switch. All cell phones will hold more value for a longer amount of time.

From the ecoATM side, we see this law helping the refurbishing aspect of what we do, which is currently 75 percent of our business.  Phones that are deposited safely and securely in our kiosks are eventually sold to a new owner or are responsibly recycled. Clearly, a mobile phone which stays in use for the longest amount of time possible is the most impactful way to help reduce the resources we consume for mobile phones. By allowing consumers to unlock phones, businesses that find phones a second life have more options for prospective users of these phones, both domestically and internationally.

To recap, this law is exciting for a lot of reasons: 

It’s great to see Congress taking a step in this greener direction. Again: Welcome to a brave new world, America.

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